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My name is Tucker. I am "sixteen."
Here is my welcome post.
Feel free to add me, I am very friendly and approachable. I will probably add you back, but first you must tell me:
-About yourself
-Where you met me
-Why you want the honor of being my friend
-Why you love me
-Something interesting

I like Kelly Clarkson:

Cory Monteith is my boyfriend

Coke is my life partner:

Gale Harold is my future husband:

That's all
I am sticking with sixteen
Word to your mother?
ilusfm...the end.
Aww thanks bb

I love you bb but you misspelled add :[!
Don't worry bb, it was an inside joke with a friend, but I just realized how stupid it makes me look. I'll edit now.
Add me!

PS, Gale looks good in that picture. :]
And thanks, it is one of my favorites of him

Your icon is getting me in the mood for some Sunny

I see you on ONTD all the time and you just seem pretty cool. Unlike me. hahaha.

So I guess this means I am adding you. :)
Thank you!

Added back
Nice 2 meet u
You too!
go ay way
I'm sorry that people are jealous of me.
But I can't help that I'm so popular...
wow, you posted in the future! *is fascinated*
Lol it's the only way I know how to keep my welcome post at the top of the page
hi there sexy voice!
can we like be more than friends or something? lol

ps. those two needed to be more than just friends, imo
Yay you added me

And I agree about those two lol

And thanks for all the self esteem boosting and what not. I always cover my ears and go "la la la" whenever I hear my recorded voice because it's just weird to listen to yourself haha
Aww yay!
Gale Harold's MY future husband hahahha.

but it's okay I share IF WE'RE FRIENDS BB.
I can allow that!
you're awesome. friend?
Yay of course!

I joined! hope I get approved
In case you don't recognize my username I know you from ontd_twatlight and that's why I'm friending you. :)
Okay added back!